Milano 2013 By Gianmarco Pozzoli and Roberta Mengozzi


“Farfalle nello Stomaco” brings to the stage the story of two people falling in love.

The love that each one of us has either lived, is living or hopes to meet, in such a powerful and overpowering manner that it seems like a film.

At the start the two protagonists are alone on stage, but they are suddenly joined by a choir of ten young actors who represent the lovers’ different personalities, revealing their deepest and most intimate emotions, bringing the audience to participate in a multisensory performance.

​Small gestures and delicate surprises amplify the audience’s involvement. The music and lights create the places where the story takes place.

A story which most probably, the people in the audience have also experienced, or are experiencing, in their lives. “Farfalle nello stomaco” was performed in 2013, at Milan’s  Franco Parenti Theatre and Teatro Out Off di Milano, among others.


Director: Gianmarco Pozzoli

With: Gianmarco Pozzoli e Simona Angioni

Artistic supervision: Walter Leonardi

Choir: Barbara Bedrina, Fedra Biffis, Elisa Bottiglieri, Niccolò Collivignarelli, Lorenzo Covello, Carlo Decio, Valeria de Michele, Giampaolo Gambi, Ivana Hostakova, Ivan Senine, Libero Stelluti, Lucilla Tempesti

Music and sound design: Gianluigi Carlone

Light designer: Monica Gorla

Costumes: Sartoria CoseDiRò

Story Boxes: Pierpaolo De Angelis

Set design and props: Andrea Traversa

Sound engineer: Pippo Maria Cordone

Production Coordinator: Monica Mazzoleni

A Luca Del Fuego Confortini e Teatro Primo Studio – Film BeyondProduction

“Un’idea tanto elementare da rimanere misteriosa e potente: l’innamoramento”

Gianmarco Pozzoli

Director’s Note

I started from an idea so elementary that it remains eternally mysterious and powerful: falling in love. I worked with Simona day after day on this sensory material, until we realized that behind all the intellectual elaborations and the specific and emotional technique of our actors there are simple and magical things, like fairy tales, as real as our lives.