A World With a View is an independent film production company of international documentaries including “Fukushame: the lost Japan”, “Fukushima: a nuclear story”, “DIVIDED UKRAINE: what language do you express love in?”. Founded in 2004 by Christine Reinhold Executive Producer, among others documentaries, of the Netflix doc-serie  “Sanpa: Sins of the Savior”, ‘Nastro d’argento’ in 2021

Christine Reinhold
Founder and Creative Producer

Christine Reinhold has a diploma in classical studies and a degree in Architecture with a thesis on Rome in the movies. 10 years of theatre and cinema between New York, London and Milan. In 2011 she produced her first documentary, ‘Fukushima: The lost Japan’ by Alessandro Tesei.

She produced a documentary written with journalist Pio d’Emilia and director Matteo Gagliardi: ‘Fukushima: a Nuclear Story,’ which was distributed in over 20 countries, broadcast among others by Sky Cinema, Al Jazeera America and CBC Canada.

From 2018 to 2020 she was producer and executive producer of Netflix’s first Italian docuseries, winner of the 2021 Nastri d’Argento.

In 2021 she finalized and presented at festivals her last two productions: as writer and co-director alongside Federico Schiavi, based on the idea by Giorgio Bianchi: ‘DIVIDED UKRAINE: What language do you express Love in?’, a journey across the territories of the first civil war of the 21st century in Ukraine in collaboration with Nacne. ‘In the Eyes of Others – the Italians’, to be distributed in Italy in September. A docufilm by Claudio Bonafede with and about photographer Vittorio Daniele: a journey to discover Italy and the Italians through the eyes of a photographer who overcomes the disease afflicting him.