Anniversary of the Fukushima Daichii nuclear disaster

«”We shall no longer prosecute”. Everybody is guilty, no one is guilty. As in war. If there is no guilt there is no responsibility. And there is no sin if there is no repentance.»

An earthquke, a tsunami, the explosion at a nuclear plant. On 11 March 2011 Japan experienced one of the most dramatic and devastating days of the century. Fukushima: A Nuclear Story relates the most serious nuclear accident after Chernobyl, asking questions to those responsible and Japanese politicians, while piecing together what was done and what could have been done. Director Matteo Gagliardi collaborated with main investigating journalist Pio d’Emilia and DOP Guillaume Bression who both entered the No-Go Zone. Thanks also to the contribution of Sky TG24 and the Accademia Europea di Manga, the film continues to be one of the most exhaustive works in order to understand what happened.

Narrated by the extraordinary voice of Willem Dafoe (English version) and Massimo Dapporto (Italian version)