Italy, 2012 Directed by Alessandro Tesei Written by Matteo Gagliardi and Alessandro Tesei


11 March 2011: Japan is hit by one of the most violent earthquakes ever recorded, followed by a tsunami which destroyed kilometers of coast and surrounding plains. Along the coast the wave swept through all security barriers and seriously damaged the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, causing the release of enormous amounts of radioactive particles which spread throughout the whole of Japan.

A restriction area, the “No-Go Zone”, with a diameter of 20 km, was immediately evacuated and declared off-limits territory.

Seven months after the disaster, Italian photojournalist Alessandro Tesei succeeded in entering the No-Go Zone and was even able to get to within one kilometer of the plant with the help of  “Animal Forest”, an animals rights organization.

Through its images, numerous interviews and special contributions of great relevance the documentary puts forward some serious questions on whether civil nuclear energy should be a viable option or not.

“Fukushame: the Lost Japan“, was awarded the Energy Award at the Green Cinema Festival (USA) and the prestigious Yellow Oscar at the 2015 Uranium Film Festival 2015 in Rio de Janeiro.


Production:  A World With a View

Directed by: Alessandro Tesei

Edit, Cgi, Art Direction: Matteo Gagliardi

Executive Producers: Christine Reinhold

Screenplay by: Matteo Gagliardi, Alessandro Tesei

Assistant Editor: Christine Reinhold

Music by: Otolab, Giulio d’Agostino, CPFQ

Special Contributions: Pierpaolo Mittica

Japanese to Italian translations: Nao Ishiyama, Assistant: Roberto Agostini

Sound Design: Monier G. Quartararo

Title Artwork: Satomi Yanagibashi

“Diagrams, interviews and a touch of virtuosity that takes nothing from the poignancy of the documentary.``

Maurizio Porro, Il Corriere della Sera

Note di Regia

“I would like to show people the madness of nuclear power and the lie behind its civil use. I was one of the first western operators to go inside the no-go zone surrounding the Fukushima Daichi plant, only six months after the accident. I remember the fear rising every time the Geiger counter showed an increase in radiations, I remember the loneliness of the people evacuated and the dramatic situation of families, torn apart due to the Japanese government’s inability to find a solution. The situation now is even worse. The government has reopened the vast section of the no-go zone and by spreading lies concerning the decontamination process is luring people to return there. Most of these people have no choice as they have lost everything. And so, the catastrophe persists. We must continue to speak about this and not forget the innocent victims of this dirty game which goes by the name of nuclear energy”