Lo spettacolo deve continuare on-line

The Show must go on-line

‘The show must go on-line’ is a project launched by a group English actors and artists led by Robert Myles.

During live streaming sessions the group brings to life Shakespeare’s genius through his comedies and tragedies (hopefully they will also read William’s wonderful sonnets…). One every week.

“I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space”

Do Hamlet’s words resonate with the emotions and feelings we are experiencing today?

What we are living in these weeks, throughout Italy and all over the world, has already been experienced and recounted over the past centuries: Shakespeare held at heart the memory of the closure of England’s theaters between 1593 and 1594 due to the plague.

Being both a playwright and an actor he knew well what happens to the human spirit and was able to describe it through words and poetry which still ring true and relevant today.

The show must go Online

The Show Must Go Online is a sort of video-chat broadcast live on YouTube.

This unprecedented modality gives viewers the possibility of exchanging thoughts and opinions in real time, thereby creating a sense of proximity, albeit not physical.

Ye sometimes we feel closer to each other when we are forced to stay apart but are united by a common experience.


In the words of  ROB MYLES, founder of the project, as well as actor and director.

«I believe Shakespeare is for everyone. He was writing to entertain, move and provoke society as a whole, from groundlings to monarchs.

This universal appeal is right there in the language, the humour, the characters.

Shakespeare endured similar times, and created masterpieces. Now, it’s our duty as artists to connect and create, with each other and audiences, however we can.»

The project will present the works England’s greatest playwright in chronological order, starting with “ The two Gentlemen of Verona”.

We hope that all the actors and artists will be able to return to their work well before getting to “The Tempest”. If you wish to find out more or follow the event visit Robert Myles’ website at: