Anniversary of Bernardo Bertolucci’s birth

«But filming is living, and living is filming. It’s simple, to look at an object, a face, in the space of a second and see it 24 times. That’s all there is to the trick.»

Today marks the anniversary of Bernardo Bertolucci’s birth. The author of extraordinary films, he is the only Italian film maker who has won an #Oscar award for best director, for “The Last Emperor” in 1988. Among the films which have earned him a place on the podium among the great we cannot forget “1900” (1976) and “Last Tango in Paris” (1972), defined scandalous for its storyline and even more so for the choices made while filming. With ”The Dreamers” (2003), Bertolucci also has the merit of having given a voice not only to those who work in cinema but also those who love it, just as he loves it, having dedicated over half a century of his life to the seventh art.

In the photo, Bertolucci on the set of his masterpiece ”The conformist” (1970) together with Vittorio Storaro.